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Diane Susann (Blount) Adams, Diane Adams often joked about dying on schedule.  Her bucket list included a summer garden to die for.  Summer of 2016 she grew the best garden yet.  “Just kidding about the garden,” she told the Universe.  “I’m not dying before my dog.”  She hung on to that last wish to the end.  What enthused Diane Adams was her belief that all of her Newfoundland dogs and pet skunks and childhood pets were waiting to greet her.  Even wildlife that met peril with her vehicle would be there because she cried over them and never forgot the lesson from their lost lives.  And of course, the loved ones without fur, including her parents, Herman Tex Blount and Alice Susann (VanDusen) Griffin who preceded her in passing, along with a favourite aunt, Bessie.  A poem shared by a friend gave inspiration when she was told to call hospice.  ‘She Let Go’ in part by Rev. Safire Rose.  “Like a leaf falling from a tree, she let go.  A small smile came over her face.  A light breeze blew through her.  And the sun and the moon shone forevermore.”  On May 22, 2018, passing finally had its moment.  She only hopes that she let go with peace.  Writing to entertain others was first realized during elementary school at Kouts, Indiana where Diane attended until graduation in 1975.  As a freelance writer, she wrote short stories, a few novels and books, feature articles for small town newspapers and historical journals.  Publishing and editing what she wrote was icing on the brownie.  So writing ones own obituary, which can be accomplished during the slow course of metastasized breast cancer.  She married Bruce Ray Adams from Tyrone, Pennsylvania just twenty-two days after they met in 1980. “Not the stupidest thing I have done.  This marriage has proven to be a comforting journey to the end.  I want him to be all right when I am gone.  So I spread the rumour he is a millionaire.  He has also almost learned to cook though he will probably revert to eggs and hot dogs.”  The couple never lived where there were not mature trees.  They enjoyed auctions, flea markets, movies, Newfoundland dogs, and pet skunks.  Perfect match.  Their daughter, Naomi Faon, was born in 1984.  Much to her father’s dismay, Naomi was raised on the adage that well-behaved women seldom make history.  They both realized someday Naomi would fly.  Fly she did, to marry musician Gavin McMahon in the U.K. where both are in the care-giving field.  Diane rests well, knowing her daughter is very happy.  Diane leaves behind a best friend, her sister, Elaine Griffin of Valparaiso.  They had many adventures, loves and tragedies over nearly six decades.  The sisters also have an entertaining elder brother, their beloved sidekick, Allan Blount of Michigan City.  Granddaughter Chloe August Allen of Argos is an artist.  The two enjoyed art days and gardening.  End of days were pleasant when Chloe came to sit and draw as Diane watched.  She also read to Chloe many of the short stories and editorials she had written in the breast cancer forum and her Womens-Fiction blog. 
The life celebration of Diane Adams will be a private gathering of close friends and family. One of her closest friends, Medicine Woman and Ordained Minister Dr. Virginia LoneSky, will guide the non-denominational ceremony where Creator of All is recognized and crematory ashes are scattered.
 Ashes to ashes, stardust to stardust.   Please share flower funds and donation are requested to instead be given to the charity or cause of your choice.  These rich lyrics from Orenda, by Joanne Shenandoah and Lawrence Laughing, mark the end of the earth life of Diane Susann Adams.  “It’s not true that we come here only to live.  We come only in passing.  We do not own all that is given to us.  On this journey we eat, sleep and dream.  And whenever you are ready, oh Maker of Life, I will come home to you.” 

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