Northwest Indiana's Most Affordable Cemetery

Located at the southwest corner of State Road 49 and County Road 600 North on Valparaiso’s north side, Angelcrest Cemetery encompasses 64 acres of gently rolling, partially wooded countryside.  Angelcrest opened in the spring of 1998 following three years of research, planning, and development.  The cemetery was founded on the basis of offering a convenient and affordable burial space option to the families of the area.  It also provides a unique and attractive site for the burial of ashes beneath the prominent floral bed section.  At the top of the hill at Angelcrest rests arguably the most distinctive piece of sculpture art in the area.  The Angel that watches over both the living and the resting at Angelcrest is carved from a single block of Hedquist Pink granite.  It was specially commissioned by Martin Moeller and was hand-hewn by our now good friend, Viktor, a Ukrainian native and Chicago resident.  It is modeled after his daughter.  In the spring of 2002, Angelcrest launched a reforestation campaign, committing approximately 40 acres to the planting of 17,000 seedlings.  These seedling varieties include white pine, black walnut, red and white oak, white ash, cherry, tulip poplar, and hickory.  This investment demonstrates our dedication to the environment and our vision and concern for the future.  These trees are in addition to the original 130 mature hardwoods and ornamentals planted in the main cemetery grounds during the initial development.

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