Comparing Funeral Costs

Comparing funeral costs can be confusing because each funeral home structures its prices differently.  We have tried to simplify this process by “packaging” some of the most commonly selected services. 

There are three main components that need to be considered to accurately determine a total funeral cost.  The first is the funeral home’s “Service Charge,” i.e. professional staff services, use of facilities, body preparation, and automotive equipment.  The second is any “Merchandise” that might need to be purchased, i.e. casket, burial vault, cremation urn, memorial folders.  The third is “Cash Advance” items such as obituary notices, certified death certificates, cemetery grave opening charges, clergy honorarium, vault setting, crematory charge, etc.

When providing cost estimates, some funeral homes may leave out certain aspects of the total potential cost, making their prices appear deceivingly low.  It is not uncommon for funeral homes without their own crematories to quote a lower charge for a cremation service, only to find out later that they did not include the “Crematory Charge” in the overall estimate.  Since they consider this a “Cash Advance” service, it is not included in the total of the services actually provided by the funeral home.  We think this is misleading.

At Angelcrest, our “Package Price” format ensures that you receive an honest, accurate cost estimate of your chosen service level, to the greatest extent possible.  Since we operate our own on-site crematory, the actual cremation charge is included in every one of our cremation service arrangements.  There are no hidden charges.

Another important factor to consider when evaluating funeral costs is the quality of the facility.  When you choose one of our funeral homes to serve your funeral or cremation needs, you can be assured not only of the lowest price, but also that you will be met with comfortable, accessible, and tastefully maintained facilities.

If you have questions or need assistance when trying to compare prices, please call.  We will be happy to walk you through the process.  A few minutes of time on the phone could end up saving you a considerable amount of money and frustration.



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