The Moeller Funeral Home, located on Roosevelt Road on Valparaiso’s east side, is also home to our main business office, cemetery office, and crematory.  The stately colonial structure was designed and built as a funeral home in 1963 by the Wetmore family.  George Moeller purchased the business from the Wetmores in 1978.  The building underwent extensive renovation in 1999 when an addition was added to the north end of the original structure.  The new addition nearly doubled the floor space, making our Valparaiso facility the most comfortable and accessible home in the area.  The building is appropriately equipped with a spacious welcoming foyer, three viewing areas, two lounges, a private arrangement conference office, a floral receiving area, accessible restroom facilities, and ample parking.  We also offer a casket selection room and a cremation urn display.  The facility is tastefully decorated throughout with a large number of beautiful hand-painted china pieces and elegant cross-stitched angels, courtesy of Margaret Moeller.

Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM  Saturday - By Appointment Only  Sunday - Closed

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