Ian James Miller, 25 of Kouts, passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, April 9, 2023. He was born September 23, 1997, in Valparaiso, IN to Stephen and Christine (Laik) Miller. Ian graduated from Kouts High School in 2015, where he was active in the Drama Club. He enjoyed playing video games and debating politics. Ian had a profound interest in animals, particularly orca whales. He also had an affinity for music and the history of how music has changed. Ian will be remembered for his nice sense of humor, high intelligence, and kind heart. He will be deeply missed and lovingly remembered every day.
Ian is survived by his parents, Stephen and Christine Miller; brothers, Nathan (Coral) Miller and Ned Miller; nieces, Breena and Harloe Miller; grandmothers, Judy Laik and Debbie (Mike) Higgins; aunts and uncles: Colleen “Auntie” (Mary) Laik, Brian “Uncle Bud” Laik, Jeff (Julie) Miller, Christopher (Ann) Miller, Ryan Miller, Adam (Ruth) Miller, and Terra (Steve) Beers; great uncle, Greg (Rosie) Miller; and many loving cousins. He was preceded in death by his grandfathers, James Laik and Jeff Miller; and his great-grandparents, John and Elaine Miller.
A memorial gathering will be announced at a later date. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made in Ian’s name to the Orca Conservancy at https://www.orcaconservancy.org/


First, a message for Ian: To my deeply loved and dearly missed Faith, Just yesterday on 6/23, I got the news that you started your journey into the after on Easter. You and I share the belief in a life after. In fact, discovering we have that in common was one of the earliest sparks in our connection. I hope your first steps on your new journey are filled with joy, curiousity and excitement. Though, even knowing we will be reunited doesn't lessen the pain any. I miss you more than I've missed anyone else in my life! I realize the depth of my grief is a reflection of the depth of the love we hold for each other. Remember when we had that conversation about people not feeling comfortable expressing love in our culture? It felt so freeing to know that I could express love to you at any moment, and you'd receive the love in the spirit it was given. You're my chosen-family little brother. I don't think I'll ever know someone more caring, non-judgmental, inspirational and intelligent than you. I feel so lucky to have you as part of my life. You taught me so much about yourself, about the world, about Dragon Ball and - most significantly - about myself. You'll continue to teach me lessons about myself as I go through this trying time. Even in the midst of this grief, I think about the joyous moments we shared and you still don't fail to make me smile! I can't put into words the safety I felt in those moments when you were being supportive of my struggles. I hope I made you feel as safe when I was supporting you in yours. I'll never forget how uniquely loved it made me feel when you called me one of your two special guys, and made that image of me and our close friend on your computer. One of my fondest memories of us is when we came up with the "intellectually curious - intellectually incurious" continuum in place of the "smart - dumb" continuum. I've been envangelizing for it ever since - and people are loving it! You are the closest person to whom I've had to say "farewell for now". I'm already coming up with ways to honour you. I'm going to start by watching Dragon Ball like I promised you. One episode a day. You left a wonderful and unforgettable impact on me. I can't wait until we meet again, little brother. Love you so much; will love you for ever. Your chosen-family big brother, TT

To Ian's family, My heart breaks for you all. Thinking of how much pain I am in, I can't imagine the pain and loss you have felt through this. Everyone I know in common with Ian agrees that he's a remarkable soul. He is so, so widely loved. For Ian's little brother: He openly and frequently spoke of his love for you. He has so much love for you. He made no secret of it. You brought him so much joy. I hope you all are able to support each other through this struggle, and you are all in my heart. - A friend of Ian's, Erdem Onder 

Dear Ian This is Mom, I miss you every second of everyday. I want you to know how much I love you, and how proud I was of you and I loved being your Mom, I'm still your Mom, forever and ever. I miss our late night conversations, when we would talk for hours, you would show me your games, or we would talk about orcas and Pallas cats. I know you are in Heaven and now can just be yourself. No worries anymore, just peace and happiness, Jason is so sad too, he texts me sometimes. He misses you so much. Oh, all the trouble you both got into, and making Mother worry. Sweetheart, I love you xoxo. Love Mom

Happy Birthday Son! I'll never forget September 23rd 1997, at 5.58 am thats when you were born, remember I always told you the story of the first thing I remember seeing was your tiny hang nail, so when the nurses took you for your first bath and brought you back to me, I saw that hang nail and knew you were my baby boy. Dad took me out on my birthday September 21st, for Bouillabaisse, you would have loved it, it was delicious, you loved trying all sorts of different and fancy foods, Happy Birthday mi amor. Love, Your family, Mom, Dad, Ned, Nate, and your Grandmas and Grandpa, and your friends, we all love you and miss you.

Happy 1st anniversary in Heaven Ian . We love you so much and miss you each and everyday Love, Mom, Dad ,Nate,Ned, Grandma, Auntie, Breena and Harloe and Mazie. Tell Grandpa and Uncle Bud Hello XOXO -Christine Miller 

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