Karen Waligura Muchesko
Feb 9, 1961--Feb 5, 2023
No one could have guessed what a bright and shining star Karen Ann would be when she debuted in Gary Indiana on February 9, 1961!
A beautiful and delightful baby, as a little girl she became Daddy's apprentice in all things handy and mechanical,  Mommy's companion and helper, and best friend to her big sister, Kathleen. The pride and joy of many of her teachers from kindergarten through high school, she was a soloist, leader and accompanist in school and church choirs and a consistent honor student.
Having compassion for anyone hurting and a passion for caring for all, after finishing high school in 1979, she embarked upon her nursing career when she entered Valparaiso's School of Nursing. Most of her career was spent at Porter Memorial Hospital in Valparaiso, where she helped develop their new critical care unit in the 80s as she became senior staff. She remained there until she retired in 2000 when she left to spend more time with her son and to care for her ailing father. In the early 2000s, she, along with VU professor emeritus Eldon Balko, founded the VNA Hospice Choir and nurtured that to fruition.
On April 9, 2000, she married the love of her life, Tom Muchesko.  They embarked on seeing much of the world and creating and finishing their dream home. She love reading, gardening, traveling, cooking, landscaping, fitness, everything outdoorsy, dear friends, her church and music, but most of all her family.
When she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this past June (2022), her calm and sanguine nature immediately accepted this as a bumpy detour on the road of life. When it became clear this this was not merely a brief detour, but an entirely new road, she made peace with that, having great confidence in 'all things working together for good.' Her deep faith carried her through great pain with neither bitterness nor anger until she 'shuffled (I actually think she danced!) off this mortal coil' on Feb 5, 2023, surrounded by her family. She will be sorely missed by husband Tom Muchesko, mother Betty Waligura, son Nathan Erdelles, sister Kathleen Waligura, brother in law Walter Janowski, stepchildren Brandon and Missy, and a host of Muchesko siblings, in-laws and numerous cousins.
A traditional funeral will be held Thursday February 9th at 10:00am, at St Andrew's Episcopal Church in Valparaiso, preceded by a celebration of a life well lived at 9:00am.  A luncheon will be held after the funeral at St. Andrew’s.   In lieu of floral tributes, memorials may be given to the American Cancer Society.


Tom, I was sorry hear about Karen's Passing. I know the two of you were very happy together. Please accept my deepest and sincerest wishes for support for you and your family at this time. On behalf of my whole family, you will all be in our thoughts and prayers.  -Sincerely Matt Gray

I am sorry for your loss, Tom. I had first met Karen in and around the time of your Dad’s funeral and at our Toth relatives funerals The world has lost a remarkable and vibrant woman, however when I think of Karen while sad, I still can smile at her memory, a little.  -Luella Bantley 

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