Tammie M. Hasse, 64, of Valparaiso passed away peacefully at home on Wednesday, January 3, 2024. She was born April 18, 1959 in Valparaiso and graduated from Valparaiso High School. Tammie will be fondly remembered for the years she served as a bartender at Jackson’s Bar & Grill. 
On July 1, 1989 she married Mark Hasse who preceded her in death on November 6, 2015. She is survived by their son, Nicholas Hasse of Valparaiso and was also preceded in death by her mother, Janice Ritz.
Following cremation at Angelcrest Crematory a private ceremony will be held to recognize Tammie and Mark.


I met Tammie when she was maybe three years old when she moved in two doors away from my childhood home. I was only seven years old myself and not long after, we became fast friends. Tammie and her Mom Janice were my family. Being a lonely queer kid with very few friends, Tammie and I would often hang out, make spook houses in her garage, play with Hot wheels. After my father's passing when I was 13, my family experienced some significant upheavals that were well known to those within hearing range of my house. Tammie and Janice provided a safe place for me to sleep on their couch with the cats on many a night over three tough teenage years. When coming back to Valpo while living in far flung places, a surprise knock on the Orchard Street door was always . . . . always a priority, long after Tammie no longer lived at home. Janice and I would just hang and watch TV. Few words were exchanged beyond catching up on Tammie's life stuff and the comings and goings on Orchard Street. It was the comfort of being in their home . . . my home away from home. Deep . . . deep roots. I was thrilled to learn that she married Mark Hasse. Mark and I met during the summer between third and fourth grade when we both were required to attend a special summer school at Northwood School to improve our lagging reading comprehension skills. Mark was attentive and kind and always joyful with me, a real new friend which meant the world to me being the friendless queer kid at my own school. When we found each other in high school again, he continued to be my friend and stood proud next to me with full knowledge that my queer label followed me through graduation. Having both Mark and Tammie, then Nicholas and the cats all together in one home . . . such a blessing. I always sought out Tammie when in Valpo. Always. She was one of a very few souls who truly really knew me. Her love for me was unconditional . . . a timeless and deep-down connection. Tammie and Mark and Nicholas became part of my own surviving family, my Mom and brother. Their steadfast love and support, with them, and later with me when each passed within a couple years of each other . . . . no words. Tammie's presence was always a safe space for me. A joy where I could relax and be just me. And laugh together. Tammie is not gone. I will carry her deep within my soul throughout all the days of my life. -Keith F Fabing 

I went to school with Tammie all my life...we were Blaloch girls through and through. Always friendly, funny and sweet, I will remember her fondly. May she rest in peace. -Dee Lahti-Schenker 

I’m really sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you go through life without your mom. She was such a great person and friend. She will never be forgotten. Fly high Tami and join Mark. -Tari Parks 

So sorry for your loss Nick, Tammie and Mark were great people , so good to my daughter over the years. Loved your dad’s books. Still have the one he signed and gave me. Your Mom will be missed very much. -Sandy Mathews 

Tammie was my first playmate! She was born 2 weeks ahead of me. We lived across the street from each other. We played together for so very many years. We were 1st cousins and I loved her dearly!!! She was an only child & I had 4 younger siblings! I would always go to Tammie’s house to play our Barbies & have peace away from the craziness of my house! We always were in her garage pretending we were married to the Monkee’s! She always got Davey’! I took Peter or Mickey! We always had so much FUN! RIP my sweet beloved cousin. -Elizabeth Wright 

Thanks for always being there. Love, Jaime Sheffer

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